Tuesday, July 19, 2005

He can't distract.

Bush is naming a Supreme Court Nominee ahead of schedule, in a pathetic attempt to take focus off of Benedict Rove.

But he can't, poor bastard.

Oh, the media may focus on something else for a couple of days, of course. But this story is not being driven by the media. It's not being driven by the Democrats. It's not being driven by politics. This story is being driven by an ongoing legal process, and as long as that process doesn't go away, neither will the story.

The Bushites don't know anything BUT politics, so they are treating it as though it was a political situation.

But the prosecutor couldn't care less about those distractions, or about how much somebody smears Joe Wilson and hates Valerie Plame. Those things will do nothing whatsoever to slow down this investigation, which will continue to hunt them down like Inspector Javert on uppers.

Poor bastards. They really don't get it.

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