Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Enough Gall To Be Divided Into Three Parts.

Rumsfeld: Iraq Needs to Talk Border Issues With Iran, Syria
American Forces Press Service

EN ROUTE TO BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 27, 2005 – Iraq needs "to be aggressively communicating" with its neighbors to stop the infiltration of foreign terrorists across its borders, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said today.

Iraq should work with Syria and Iran "to see that foreign terrorists stop coming across those borders," Rumsfeld said.

Do you believe the nerve of this asshole?

WE have owned Iraq for TWO YEARS while all these terrorists were flooding across the border like swarms of hornets, and we didn't do SQUAT about it. But now Donald Frankenfeld is telling the IRAQIS that they have to do it? And they have to do it by "aggressively communicating"? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Yell curses?

And I hate to point this out, but if we can't stop these maniacs from coming IN, how the hell are Iran and Syria supposed to stop them from LEAVING?

And, really, why would they WANT to stop them from leaving? I'll bet my ass that Iran and Syria are thrilled when Al Qaeda terrorists get the hell out of their country and go someplace else. So what are we supposed to be "aggressively communicating" to them? "Please don't let the murderous terrorists go someplace else and leave you alone"?

It's pretty obvious that Rumsfeld is preparing to blame the new Iraqi government for the filthy mess that he created.

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