Monday, July 18, 2005

The mask is off

"There's no evidence that (Rove has) done anything criminally wrong," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Mealymouthed Weasel)

Emphasis mine, of course.

Leaving aside the obvious fact that Graham is dead wrong (there is PLENTY of evidence the Rove did stuff that was, indeed, criminally wrong), the fact that the apologists have retreated into legal technicalities means that the credibility of the White House is GONE.

Graham knows that he CAN'T reasonably just say that it wasn't WRONG - he has to qualify the word "wrong" with an adjective.

This is a tacit admission that the behavior of the White House has been disgusting and slimy. They are just hoping that no one can prove that it was actually illegal. They have conceded their reputations and are just hoping to avoid jail.

Bush has always been all image and no reality.

And his image has been completely shredded.

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