Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's all about loyalty

From AMERICAblog:

The New York Times has a lengthy feature on Bush and Rove and they spin it exactly the way Bush would love: it's all about loyalty.

The NYT reminds us that Bush usually rewards people who screw up. It also goes into detail on the State of the Union address that contained those 16 words -- also known as a lie -- and details how Wilson was absolutely right and Bush ultimately had to retract those words. What the NYT doesn't do is point out how this well-known incident means RNC head Mehlman is LYING when he says Rove was just trying to keep a bum article from being printed (as if Rove were just a freelance factchecker for the MSM). No, Rove was trying to smear Joe Wilson for telling the truth and he did it by attacking Joe Wilson's wife and endangering national security.

And why is this about loyalty to a political hack?

Why won't Bush be loyal to his country first and his cronies second?

Why won't Bush be loyal to the truth?

Why won't Bush be loyal to his word?

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