Thursday, July 14, 2005

Madame Cleo of the Blogosphere

The Blogger Formerly Known As Calpundit, Kevin Drum, had THIS to say in September of 2004 about what would happen in Bush's second term:

"[T]he most likely course is a continuing low-level insurgency in Iraq, a mediocre economy, and a halfhearted second-term agenda from the White House. If you combine that with a thin legislative majority, an outraged Democratic Party, and a public increasingly leery of Bush's Texas-style conservatism, what you get--aside from a few rancorous battles over Supreme Court nominations--is a presidency adrift.

It's the perfect breeding ground for a major scandal, and George Bush is exactly the right guy, with exactly the right personality, to step right into it."

Wow. And silly little you has been consulting astrologers.

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