Thursday, June 17, 2004

This was sent in to atrios, and I'm taking it from his website whole.

I've attached a photo you might find interesting.

It's from Bush's cabinet meeting on Thursday. When I saw the photo I noticed the notes he had made and wondered what they said. I cropped the photo and rotated it so I could read them and...

The page on the left looks like scripted sound bite lines. The second line says (i think) "sworn emeny of US."

But what I find more interesting is the right page.

It's a list of reporters and where they work. the first is DEB RIECHMANN fromt the Associated Press.

What I wonder is. Is this a list of the people he was going to call on? Is it all the reporters in the room? Can't he remember their names by now? and so forth. there are more but... who has the time.

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