Wednesday, June 30, 2004

F*x News

I almost feel guilty about posting this, but I love it when sanctimonious assholes are caught with their pants down looking stupid.

Fox News ran a promo for an episode of Your World with Neil Cavuto called "Porn in the USA" - apparently a show about protecting kids from porn.

Anyway, the promo included a screenshot from a porn site showing some girl getting laid. Fox, of course, airbushed out the nipple on the girl's exposed tit.

But they somehow failed to airbrush out the large, erect penis that's inside of her. On television.

Of course, an alert cyberspace citizen named mjsmitho noticed this, and got a screenshot of the moment and posted it in cyberspace to be preserved for all eternity. Don't click on the link if you're at work or someplace where you can get in trouble.

Where's the FCC when you need them?

And to think of all that fuss over Janet Jackson's boob...

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