Friday, June 11, 2004

Ashcroft should be held in contempt

The Bush administration is no longer even PRETENDING to be bound by the rule of law. There actions are CLEARLY legally actionable, but nothing will happen, because the GOP controls Congress. As far as I'm concerned, the GOP is now aiding and abetting criminality.

Check out the transcript of the Senate Judiciary Committee questioning John Ashcroft, and ask yourself if you can BELIEVE this man's arrogance, hubris and total contempt for this nation, its institutions and its laws:

TED KENNEDY: There are three memoranda -- January 9, 2002, signed by John Yoo; the August 2002 Justice Department, the memo -- and the March 2000 -- the inter-agency working group.

Those are three memoranda. Will you provide those to the committee?

ASHCROFT: No, I will not.

KENNEDY: Under what basis?

ASHCROFT: We believe that to provide this kind of information would impair the ability of advice…to be candid, forthright, thorough, and accurate at all times.

KENNEDY: General, has the president authorized you to invoke the executive privilege today on these documents?

ASHCROFT: I am not going to reveal discussions -- whether I've had them or not had them with the president.

He asked me to deal with him as a matter of confidence.

I have not invoked the executive privilege today. I have explained to you why I'm not turning over the documents.

KENNEDY: Well, what are you invoking then?

ASHCROFT: I have not invoked anything. I have just explained to you why I am not turning over the documents.

JOE BIDEN: Well, General, that means you may be in contempt of Congress then.

Yes, he SHOULD be found to be in contempt of Congress. The only reason he will not be is that the Republicans place party before country and party before law.

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