Friday, June 18, 2004

Evil Breeds Evil

So, the bastards have beheaded another innocent American.

Well, George Bush spent two years ignoring those bastards. While pretending otherwise.

He went after Al Qaeda half-heartedly. He took the focus off of them as soon as he could, because protecting the United States just wasn't very important to him. He didn't want to protect American Citizens: All he wanted was an excuse to occupy Iraq.

And while we were using trained soldiers as the Bagdhad Police Force, Al Qaeda regrouped. And grew.

Instead of going after the terrorists, Bush decided do what he had wanted to do since taking office: go after Iraq.

Instead of killing the terrorists he decided to kill the ones who aren't terrorists.

Which accomplished nothing but the creation of more terrorists.

How many people have joined Al Qaeda in the last year who would have totally rejected such an evil organization two years ago? But then someone they knew was killed by an American bomb?

What would your reaction be if your daughter had gotten her legs blown off?

Well - you'd want to KILL ALL OF THEM. Heck, you may want to kill all of them now, and Paul Johnson was a stranger to you.

How would you react if Paul Johnson wasn't a stranger? What if he was your kid? Or your mother or father?

Well, that's how a whole lot once moderate Arabs have now begun to react to us.

Bush has played right into Al Qaeda's hands with his foolish Iraqi invasion.

Al Qaeda is using our invasion as Exhibit A in their recruiting drive.

They are using it as proof that all the bad things they've said about us are true.

Bush has disgraced our nation, and placed us all in danger by doing so.

What a disaster.

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