Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Draft is Coming

Without much fanfare, the Bushies have decided to end the all-Volunteer army. They haven't reinstated the draft - that won't happen until after November if - God forbid - this incompetent weasel gets elected. But what they HAVE done is refuse to allow our soldiers to go home once their stint in the military ends. Although this fact is being widely reported, the mainstream media doesn't seem to realize that it means we no longer have a volunteer army - we have conscription.

Another shining example of how the Bush administration "supports the troops." Does anyone have any REAL doubt that a reinstatement of the draft is in the works?

"Struggling to stretch its limited ranks, the U.S. Army said Wednesday that thousands of soldiers who were scheduled to leave the military will be ordered to stay if their units are being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.

The move imposes what the Army calls "stop-loss orders" on all units being deployed on missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such orders prevent active-duty soldiers and reservists from retiring or leaving their units from 90 days before they deploy until 90 days after they return — even if their volunteer commitments to the military end before then."

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