Tuesday, March 16, 2004

More "Kerry/foreign leaders" crapola:

The White house seems to either be made of liars or very stupid people:

"The White House sought on Monday to raise questions about the Massachusetts senator's credibility as Bush's spokesman, Scott McClellan, charged that if Kerry refused to name names 'then the only alternative is that he is making it up.' "

The only alternative???!!!?

If the White House actually believes that the "only alternative is that he is making it up," they are total imbeciles. Anyone who gives it 15 seconds worth of real thought can figure out why Kerry might not want to tell Bush which world leaders said they want him out. Duh.

But the White House pretends that THEY just can't think of any good reason (like betraying a confidence and causing an international incident). They MUST think the Citizens of the United States are total imbeciles. The "only alternative" is that THEY are total imbeciles.

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