Wednesday, March 31, 2004


As you probably know, Bush has been running ads accusing Kerry of the "wacky idea" of taxing gas to force people to drive less.

As you probably also know, the fact is that TEN YEARS AGO Kerry said an increase in the gas tax should be explored as a possible way to deal with the deficits.

The Bush ads, however, strongly imply that Kerry has proposed increasing gas taxes NOW, when in reality, of course, he has been saying that prices are TOO HIGH.

Bush even includes on his website a calculator showing how much a 50 cent tax increase will cost. It says:

“Taking a trip across town or across the country? Get directions and find out how much John Kerry would increase the cost of your trip.”

This is not a campaign point: it’s a LIE. A clear, blatant, bald-faced, shameless lie.

“Some people have wacky ideas, like taxing gasoline more so people drive less. That's John Kerry."

Some people have nothing positive to say about themselves, so they have to tell lies about other people. That’s George Bush.

It’s time we started calling Bush’s lies what they are: lies.

Everytime Bush lies, call him on it.

And don’t call it an “error,” or “dirty politics” or “disingenuous.”

Call them lies. Because they are.

And, if your local newspaper, radio station, or TV station is mentioning Bush’s ad without mentioning that they re FALSE, call them and DEMAND that they point out, as reporters, that Bush campaign ads are LIES.

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