Sunday, March 21, 2004

Coalition Crumbling

"MADRID - Spain's withdrawal from Iraq is all but inevitable, incoming Socialist leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said in an interview on Sunday bound to disappoint Washington and stoke debate over the occupation."

"TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - Honduras, following the lead of Spain, will withdraw its 370 troops from a Spanish-led humanitarian and peacekeeping brigade in Iraq by the end of June, Defense Secretary Federico Breve said Tuesday."

"Nicaragua sent about 115 soldiers, mostly sappers and medical personnel, last September to join the brigade. Those troops have since returned, and the government announced last month that it could not afford to send a second contingent."

Poland threatens to withdraw, but later changes its mind.
"WARSAW, Poland - Poland's president, a key Washington ally in Europe, said Thursday his country was "misled" about the threat of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, and added he may withdraw troops early if Iraq is stabilized."

South Korea
"SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea on Friday became the latest U.S. ally in Iraq to balk at sending troops to an increasingly violent peacekeeping effort, scrapping plans for a mission to the Iraqi hot spot of Kirkuk."

Why are all these folks deciding that they've had enough? Do you even have to ASK?

Is Bush such a serious case of arrested development that he actually doesn't realize that if you keep lying to people, they'll stop listening to you, stop trusting and stop wanting to have anything to do with you?

Most of us learned that when we were nine; Bush still doesn't seem to have.

If we expect nations to sacrifice their own people to ally with us, they have to have some reason. One major reason is the alliance itself: the goodwill and support that comes from being one member of a coalition of nations.

But when the LEADER of that coalition doesn't OFFER goodwill; doesn't offer support; simply demands YOURS while giving nothing in return; behaves as though you weren't even important enough to be honest with; and starts calling you names whenever you make your own wishes known -

then there IS no coalition.

Somebody get this stupid adolescent bully OUT of the White House, so that the United States can be a respected nation again.

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