Saturday, March 27, 2004

Is Powell about to jump?

Mr. Clarke, the former National Security Council aide, received support on Friday from an unlikely source — Secretary of State Colin L. Powell. In a television interview, Mr. Powell said that Mr. Clarke had "served his nation very, very well" and was "an expert in these matters," referring to counterterrorism.

While saying that Mr. Clarke's book is "not the complete story," Mr. Powell said on the PBS program "NewsHour" he was "not attributing any bad motives" to Mr. Clarke.

"I'm not aware of a campaign against Mr. Clarke, and I am not a member," Mr. Powell said. "The book is the book, and you can read it and make your own judgment as to whether it's accurate."


Come out of them, Colin. For God's sake, man, while you still have your soul left.

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