Monday, March 22, 2004

Joe Lieberman (R – D’s Clothing) has finally reached the point where no sane person can doubt that he really belongs in the other party. His current statements make absolutely no sense coming from someone who opposes Bush’s re-selection.

“Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., said Sunday he doesn't believe Clarke's charge that the Bush administration -- which defeated him and former Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 election -- was focused more on Iraq than al-Qaida during the days after the terror attacks.

"I see no basis for it," Lieberman said on Fox News Sunday. "I think we've got to be careful to speak facts and not rhetoric."

Simply put: Lieberman is stating something that he cannot possibly know to be true.

He wasn’t privy to ANY of the conversations in questions.

So on what "basis" is he criticizing Clarke's Accusation? Clarke was there - Lieberman wasn't. Lieberman is simply ASSUMING that Rice’s account is the accurate one and Clarke’s is the false one. On the basis of no evidence whatsoever.
Why would a Democrat assume that?

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