Friday, August 08, 2008

Russia and Georgia just started a war.

Did you know that?

Because with the incredibly worthless, broken American media, it would be pretty damned easy news to miss.

Russia and Georgia appear to be at war, and THIS is the CNN Home page:

'These aren't Cheech and Chong plants'

updated 56 minutes ago

'These aren't Cheech and Chong plants'

That's the top story.

Next to it, we have the headlines:

It's number THREE. Following the adventures of John Edwards' penis, and a one-day rise in the stock market.

Not nearly as important as the contents of John Edwards' pants is:

MEGVREKISI, Georgia (Aug. 8) -- Russia sent forces into Georgia on Friday to repel a Georgian assault on the breakaway South Ossetia region and Georgia's pro-Western president said the two countries were at war.
As an aside, I wonder how many idiots saw "Russian Forces Invade Georgia" and thought that they landed in Atlanta?

We now return you to a society in decline.

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