Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe Biden's T-shirt

Ok - that's mean. Yes, it was a godawful stupid thing to say, but I know what he meant: that Obama was a black guy who didn't scare white people. But he REALLY can't say that.

So instead, I'll give Biden props for keeping a nutjob a Robert Bork off of the Supreme Court.

Later, in closing the debate, the Judiciary Committee chairman [Biden] said: ”This has been a great debate, a debate about fundamental principle, about how one interprets the Constitution.”

Senator Biden repeated the statement with which he opened Judge Bork’s confirmation hearings last month, and which he has made a theme for the entire proceeding. ”I believe I have rights because I exist, in spite of my government, not because of my government,” he said. ”Judge Bork believes that rights flow from the majority, through the Constitution to individuals, a notion I reject.”

I still would have preferred Hillary. But I'll take it.

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