Saturday, January 13, 2007

I think I'm going to like Jim Webb

Regarding the consequences of pulling out of Iraq.

"[I]n your statement, Secretary Gates, you list some of these as an emboldened and strengthened Iran, a base of operations for jihadist networks in the heart of the Middle East, an undermining of the credibility of the United States. In many ways, quite frankly, those have been the results of the invasion and occupation. There's really nothing that's occurred since the invasion and occupation that was not predictable and in fact, most of it was predicted. It was predicted in many cases by people with long backgrounds in national security...and in many cases there were people who saw their military careers destroyed and who were personally demeaned by people who opposed them on the issues, including members of this administration. And they are people in my judgement, who will be remembered in history as having had a moral conscience." - Jim Webb to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, yesterday's hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Wow. There actually is somebody in the Senate who tells these clowns what millions of Americans have been trying to tell them for six years.

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