Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well, isn't THIS interesting.

The nutty doctor that blew up the building on the East Side of Manhattan apparently preceded it by sending a ranting and rambling email containing every dumb right-wing cliche and talking point imaginable to both his wife and Sean Hannity.

The liberal side of the Supreme Court to squeeze out more taxes to give it to the " needy" in other words support income redistribution.

The anti American politicians and others who are against the war in Iraq (the same people who was against the Vietnam war) like T.Kenedy, Soros, M.Moore, the New York Times Arthur Sulzberger JR, H.Clinton (who's only hope to be elected was N.Y.S. as was used by a Kennedy years back) and many others, I hope they will succeed so that the the terrorists will move to the states.

The Charles Schumer & Joseph Wilson production yesterday was pathetic. Why would Schumer show up with a looser whose wife is trying to jump-start her husband-derailed carrier by trying to get involved in Kerry's election?

Tried to help her husband to have a job in the Kerry administration by sending him to Niger than return and write a fictitious report on Sadam that he did not want to buy yellow cake to build WOM destructions. It failed. He even gave money to the Kerry campaign.

Air America in N.Y.C. they went, as far as to take over WLIB, 1190 AM the station with no listeners now. The program used to serve in the past, Caribbean listeners now is part of Air America Radio. On some of the programs in the past listeners would call in with their problems for advice. Now they have no outlets. So much of the respect for diversity.

Air Americas a T.V. program on Sundance T.V. channel with far left political content. One can hear Al Franken, Jerry Springer (we know who he is) and other far left lunatics. Soros is one of the contributors.

Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) is against the war again. Some people will never mature. Her ex husband is even worst. I hope Mr. Kerry will be in the background during the bus tour again.

A Bush supporter, no doubt.

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