Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Holy crap, Mildred, this church is full of liberals.

There is an article on the CBS News website that's getting some attention from Left Blogistan:

Religion Taking A Left Turn?
Conservative Christians Watch Out: There's A Big Churchgoing Group Seeking Political Power

The article is basically horseshit, and still a good sign anyway.

It's horseshit because there is nothing new about there being a religious left. But it's a good sign because it means that the press is finally noticing that they exist.

The America media do not report: they repeat narratives and tell the stories that they want to tell. There has been a religious left for YEARS. But the many, many things that they do have gotten almost NO coverage. They are routinely treated by the press as though they didn't exist, no matter WHAT they do. I have personally been at religious/political events that drew tens of thousands of people, almost ALL church groups - but from the press coverage, you would have no clue that they WERE church groups. Just standard liberals making noise again.

See, when right-leaning churches do something political, the press treats it primarily as a religious action. But when left-leaning churches do something political, the press treats it ENTIRELY as a political action, and doesn't even MENTION the religious angle.

This article does not mean that religious left is suddenly politically active. It means that the media is suddenly starting to recognize that that politically activity IS religiously inspired, and is part of the narrative, and is actually worth covering.

It's about frigging time.

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