Monday, July 24, 2006

Bush is a conservative

William F. Buckley says that Bush isn't a TRUE Conservative.

Watch for the right-wingers to grab this as a lifeline, as they try desperately to save their failed philosophy by distancing Bush from conservatism. They are now claiming that he isn't a REAL conservative.

Yeah, and the Communists claim that the Soviets weren't REAL Communists, either.

The fact is that this is the most conservative government EVER in America, and it's a collosal failure.

Bush IS a conservative. He identifies as a conservative, surrounds himself with conservatives and the conservatives vote for him in droves.

Yes, they will claim that it isn't what conservativism is ON PAPER. But it doesn't exist on paper. It exists IN PRACTICE. The Soviet Union wasn't what communism was ON PAPER either. 

But THIS is what it becomes IN PRACTICE.  All the time.  Every time. 

When a movement's leaders always depart drastically from the basic tenets of the movement every time they have the power to implement what they claim are their beliefs, it is the MOVEMENT that is flawed.

This IS conservativism. Runaway government intrusion, government spending, and government power grabs, government secrecy and nation building through war ARE conservativism.

And the last six years PROVES it.

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