Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rice to play the piano

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - In keeping with her mood and to reflect the world crises she tackles daily, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice plans to play a somber piece of music to her Asian colleagues in Malaysia this week.

The Association of South East Asian Nations has a tradition of ministers performing usually silly skits at a gala dinner, but Rice, an accomplished pianist, said she was more at ease playing a serious, reflective piece, possibly by the composer Brahms.

"It is not a time that is frivolous. It is a serious time. I will play something that is in accordance with my serious mood," said Rice, who had just attended a conference in Rome aimed at helping resolve the Lebanon crisis.

Rice said she would not be comfortable singing show tunes.

I guess we should thank God for small favors - at least she thinks a show tune would be inappropriate ("And now, a peppy little number from 'Miss Saigon'").

J.D. Salinger said, "Scratch a bad teacher, and you'll find a first class carpenter." By all accounts, she's an excellent pianist. Her mother was a piano teacher, and her name comes from the musical direction "con dolcezza" ("with sweetness").

And wouldn't we all be a lot better off if Condoleezza WAS a pianist instead of Secretary of State? She'd actually be doing something GOOD and USEFUL, instread of enabling the biggest pack of thieves ever to squat in the White House.

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