Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Howard Dean is probably going to royally piss off the Democratic Leadership Council and scads of the entrenched, old-guard, way-too-fat-and-comfortable Democrats with this, but he is having the Democratic National Committee back Campaign Finance Reform.

It's just in Vermont - it's a law Dean himself signed when Governor - but the principle should continue to apply when this sort of thing comes up nationally.

Some folks think "Freedom of Speech" is the freedom to bribe politicians and purchase favorable legislation. It isn't, and the left should say so LOUDLY. And if it means denuding the feathered nests in our own party, good, do it. Corruption is poison, and it admits of no compromise and it must be purged.

Democrats have got to get solidly behind the principle that it's one PERSON, one vote - not one DOLLAR, one vote. And they have got the stand for some fundamental ideas, like "money should only buy you more STUFF - not more power, more access or more rights."

This is a good start in that direction.

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