Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Not only was Abu Ghraib used by both Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush to torture people, but it apparently has become a great place for a terrorist to get a graduate degree in terrorism.

Abu Ghraib Called Incubator for Terrorists

WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 — American commanders in Iraq are expressing grave concerns that the overcrowded Abu Ghraib prison has become a breeding ground for extremist leaders and a school for terrorist foot soldiers.

The reason is that the confinement allows detainees to forge relationships and exchange lessons of combat against the United States and the new Iraqi government. "Abu Ghraib is a graduate-level training ground for the insurgency," said an American commander in Iraq....

"These decisions have to be intelligence driven, on holding those who are extreme threats or who can lead us to those who are," another American officer in Iraq said. "We don't want to be putting everybody caught up in a sweep into Jihad University."

But remember - Bush can't think of any mistakes.

That may be because he fucks up absolutely everything he touches.

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