Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gun don't shoot people. Vice-Presidents do.

It appears that we have an honest-to-God, oh-so-much-fun-to-watch, media feeding frenzy. It's really only the second one that these clowns in the White House have experienced (the first was when they found out that Karl Rove was the leaker), and there should be more. In fact, the media should frenzy - as a plain matter of principle - at least once a month.

The Bushites have committed the cardinal sin: they dissed the press. They can lie to you, me, all 300-million-or-so citizens and the entire WORLD all they want to, and our intrepid reporters could not care less. But Lord Almighty, when you bullshit a reporter, and they find out about it, you are doomed.

Now, I WOULD say that this makes me feel kind of bad, because it's arbitrary, it's stupid, and it's thoroughly insane to behave as though covering up a hunting accident is more serious than...oh, I don't know...lying to start a war, or something, but it doesn't. These boys have it coming in spades.

And this business of Cheney doing a little phony "hunting," behaving as though the rules and laws didn't apply to him, causing harm, and then trying to keep it secret is PERFECT. It's EXACTLY the way that they do EVERYTHING. This little adventure is the perfect narrative for all the flaws and hubris that have been part and parcel of the White House for 5 years now.

I hope this story lasts for MONTHS.

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