Friday, February 24, 2006

Delay. Not the repulsive Texas Senator - a TIME delay.

Dubai Company Delays New Role at Six U.S. Ports

WASHINGTON, Feb. 23 — The Dubai company at the center of a political furor over its plans to take over some terminal operations at six American ports said Thursday night that it planned to close the deal next week, but that it would "not exercise control" over its new operations in the United States while the Bush administration tried to calm opposition in Congress.

Note: This does NOT mean that they gave up. Bush and the UAE are just buying time, and hoping for a another opportunity in the near future.

Bush considers it URGENT for these guys to run our ports. He doesn't think it's "acceptable" - he thinks its a MUST.

I'm not sure EXACTLY why he thinks that (although I have theories), but this deal is for the purpose of benefitting HIM, not America, and when it comes to lining his own pockets and empowering himself, Geroge W. Bush has NO principles and NOTHING that he will stick at.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand why you would question the pres on this one, after all the UAE government has always been forthright and honest with the USA, especially concerning our laws.

Iggy said...

haha. That's great. In fact, I think I'll stick that on top. Thanks.