Friday, February 10, 2006

Heckuva Job, Bushie

It's not a good day to be Bush.

These are the stories from ONE DAY:

- The White House was notified about the levee breaches and flooding on the day Katrina hit, despite Bush's public statement the next day that "we dodged a bullet."

- An Ex-CIA executive has accused Bush of "cherry-picking" intelligence to justify invading Iraq
- Disgraced FEMA head Mike "heckuva job" Brown has reversed his position and has now volunteered to testify in Congress about FEMA and the Bush administration's meltdown in the face of Katrina.

- Indicted GOP superlobbyist Jack Abramoff is claiming numerous meetings with George Bush, disputing Bush's claim's that he didn't know Abramoff.

- The trade deficit hit an all-time high

- The House Republican responsible for overseeing the NSA is demanding hearings into Bush's illegal wiretapping orders, thwarting the White House's hopes that the issue will quietly go away.
- Legal documents have been made public showing that Scooter Libby was "authorized by his superiors" to leak information about the Iraq war and intelligence in an effort to stem criticism of the war. Libby's only superiors were Dick Cheney and George Bush.

- The TSA's airline terrorist watch list has been found to be vulnerable to hackers.

And Bush's claim that "LA was a terrorist target" seems to be being treated as the obvious attempt at distraction that it so obviously is.

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