Saturday, December 11, 2004

The smooth faced-gentleman, tickling commodity.

Isn't it interesting that they only became interested in getting better armor after it became a political problem?

The Army has entered negotiations with an armor manufacturer in an effort to accelerate production of armored versions of the Humvee to get them to the troops more quickly, Army and company officials said.

Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey spoke with officials at Armor Holdings, Inc., based in Jacksonville, Fla., who told him Friday they could increase production by up to 100 vehicles a month.
Gee, better late than never guys. But how many are dead because you clowns were dragging your feet, and showed no interest in this until it became a political problem? I want a number.

And look at THIS little piece of horseshit:

Army officials had previously believed the factory was working at capacity until the company told the news media Thursday that it could make more.

They believed that the factory was working at capacity? Why the hell would they believe that?

They had no idea until they read it in the news?

Did they ASK Armor Holdings if they could make more and Armor Holding lied to them?

If not, why else would they assume that?

Did Armor Holdings lie to them, or are they lying right now?

In other words, does ANYBODY who isn't drunk on Bush-Flavored Kool-Aid believe this statement for a second?

But note what the article says: It doesn't say that Army official SAID that they believed that. It just says that they believed it. No critical thinking whatsoever. The SCLM strikes again.

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