Thursday, December 16, 2004

Looking Glass World

I get so frustrated with this crap. Why don't the Democrats stand up and just call these people liars?

Not only are the loudest voices calling for Rumsfeld's resignation Republican (which, of course, is why the SCLM agreed to make it a reasonably big story), but they are lying throught their teeth about the economic future, contradicting themselves in successive sentences. How about those who are supposed to be representing us saying, "Yesterday you said A and today you said B. Which is it?"

Is that so hard?

President Bush, facing complaints from a European ally about the weakening dollar, said Wednesday that he favored a strong dollar and would work with Congress to cut the massive federal budget deficit that puts downward pressure on the U.S. currency.

But before Bush spoke, Vice President Dick Cheney reiterated to a White House economic conference that the administration supported more tax cuts, which some analysts said could deepen the budget deficit and threaten the dollar's value.
In the first place, notice the spin: the tendency of the press to present everything as though it had two valid sides, even when one of the sides is total nonsense. "Some analysts said it could deepen the budget deficit." No - damned near ALL analysts who don't actually work for the White House have said that it's damned near certain to increase the budget deficit.

In the second place, it isn't rocket science. The guy says that he's going to work on reducing the deficit while at the same time swearing to make the tax cuts that caused the deficit permanent, and throwing another two trillion dollars on top of that for the privilege of gutting Social Security.

How about some Democrat saying loud and clear that the man is full of shit, and brazen about it?

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