Friday, December 17, 2004

Armor? Too bad. I need a plasma TV.

Our troops in the field don't have enough armor. Their parents are buying them Kevlar. They are scrounging landfills looking for old sheet metal to strap on the side of their Humvees, and it is considered out of the question that we will roll back any of Bush's precious tax cut on the wealthy to help better equip them.

And then you read this:

Mr. Bush's inaugural committee, seeking to raise more than $40 million, a record, sent out hundreds of solicitations to the president's biggest campaign contributors this week offering packages of party benefits and access to the president in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even at a time of war when more than 138,000 American troops are serving in Iraq, the organizers say that the inaugural celebration at the end of the January will not be marked by any noticeable restraint and will cost more than any other in history.

Sacrifice? Sacrifice is for OTHER people.

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