Tuesday, December 21, 2004


In Guatanamo, the Pentagon says that everything is thoroughly humane, and says that all allegations of abuse are investigated.

The military operation at Guantanamo Bay has come under increased scrutiny as former prisoners have alleged they were tortured. The Pentagon maintains it runs a humane operation there, and says all allegations of abuse are investigated.

I want to know who is "investigating" it. The perpetrators? Is there ANY real independent oversight AT ALL?

And if not, why not?

The ACLU's latest disclosures primarily constitute e-mails between FBI officials whose names the government removed before releasing them. In several, the writers describe and criticize various interrogation techniques they say they witnessed at Guantanamo.

In one of the e-mails message, dated from August, the writer reports more than once witnessing prisoners chained to the floor in a fetal position, with no food or water. They had often soiled themselves.

On one occasion, the temperature in a room was lowered so much the barefooted detainee shivered. In another, the room was so hot the detainee had pulled out some of his hair before passing out.

Are we to believe that the FBI agents just made up the stuff they said they saw in their emails? Pulled it out of their ass for the hell of it?

Somehow, I doubt that.

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