Wednesday, December 22, 2004

They knew and they ignored it

Deja vu. Just like Bushco knew that the vehicles weren't properly protected, and they didn't care until it started to hurt them politically - they also knew that the mess hall wasn't protected and was a potential target.

But unfortunately, thanks to our supine press, that one never made the newspapers, so Bushco didn't see any need to do anything about it.

And now 24 people are dead.

CNN personnel who have visited the base said the dining area is a tent-like facility with no hardened protection -- and that soldiers had specifically raised concerns that they could be targeted by insurgents at meal time.

One had told CNN it was only a matter of time before there was an attack on the mess hall.

"There is a level of vulnerability when you go in there, and you don't feel like there's a hard roof over your head," said Lt. Col. Paul Hastings, an officer at Camp Marez.

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