Friday, December 10, 2004

But Rummy's special.

Below, I said that I would bet my ass that Rumsfeld, despite his breezy "who cares?" attitude about armoring the troops' vehicles, certainly wouldn't go trucking around Iraq in an unarmored vehicle himself.

Well, here it is:

"The Rhino Runner™ is a custom, hand-made bus and minibus (shuttle) built from chassis up. All the driver and passenger cabins are built using our special materials and know-how. Passengers and drivers are protected on the top, bottom, and sides of the vehicle.

Labock's approach to this problem is unique. Instead of adapting armoring for an existing vehicle, Labock uses the most appropriate chassis and motors, and custom builds vehicles from chassis up, with protection against AP (armor piercing) bullets and provides significant bomb blast protection.

Units of this heavily armored bus are currently deployed by the U.S. Army in Iraq. It was the vehicle of choice employed by the military to provide safe ground transportation for the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, and General Dick Myers and his staff while they were visiting Baghdad in may 2004."

But Donald, why are you BOTHERING with a heavily armored vehicle? After all, you said yourself that it was no guarantee against getting blown up.


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