Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Lawyer Advising Vets Quits Bush Campaign

I'm almost to starting feel badly for writing about these guys. They really have become a sad, pathetic joke in an astonishingly short amount of time. A new lie is exposed every day; a new tie to the Bush campaign is exposed every day. And there are still people who actually take these clowns seriously? There are still people who don't realize that this organization which was formed to CREATE a scandal has instead BECOME a scandal?

George W. Bush is now looking like a giant piece of crap. He has been publicly exposed as a resident of the gutter and as the companion and supporter of some of the most blatant liars ever to grace the planet. On the eve of his convention.

Does anybody think that exposure of these lies will stop during the convention? Of course it won't. And it will take attention away from the convention and will, instead, focus the press on the scandal that Bush has mired himself in.

I have begun to think that the greatest gift John Kerry could ever have asked for is the enmity of these Weasels of Incompetence.

"Bring it on," Kerry said.

They did.

And now we know why Kerry wanted them to.

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