Monday, August 23, 2004


This blog is being brought to you from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where there are helicopters hovering in the sky.

They aren't flying anywhere: they are just standing in one place, hovering. Four or five of them. They were there when I left this morning and they are there now that I've returned. I don't think they've been there the whole time: I think it's just coincidence. But I'm not sure. The radio news seems blissfully unaware of them. No mention at all to explain why they are there.

I'm sure this is somehow related to beefed-up security for the soon-to-be Republican National Convention. At least I hope that's why, because if that isn't it, it's something really serious.

It's really one of the most nerve-wracking things I've ever experienced. Taking a pleasant walk down Broadway and aware that there is this helicopter hovering directly over your head. People on the street keep looking up nervously, and everyone has a nervous face on. The thwap-thwap-thwap over your head in continuous. The helicopters remind you of the danger. Constantly.

And why?

Because President Stupid and Vicious thought it would be a GREAT idea to try and make political hay out of 9/11 by scheduling the Republican National Convention near Ground Zero in September. That's why.

After all, why would he give a crap that NYC is already regarded as uniquely high on the terrorist's list of preferred targets? Let's push it a little bit higher, and make it a really super desirable target.

I swear, the ONLY consideration he has when making decisions is politics. The man doesn't give a raw crap about anything else.

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