Thursday, August 12, 2004

John Kerry and the Electras

John Kerry was in a rock-n-roll band when he was in high school back in 1961, and they cut an album. (Which is not fair. I've never cut an album.) And some entrepreneurial person has re-released the thing, and you can order it here. It's straight rock-n-roll, no vocals, like they were trying to do a Ventures sort of a thing. They have sound clips, and it's not all that good, but really not bad, either, especially for high school kids.

The piano player (Jack Radcliffe) actually sounds damned good, and I notice he's still playing. Hey, John, how about inviting him to play at your inauguration? I know, it will be crowded stage, what with Springsteen, Mellencamp and the Dixie Chicks and all, but you can probably find room for an old high-school chum.

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