Friday, April 30, 2004

What's 200 dead soldiers, give or take a few?

Paul Wolfowitz, showing a disgraceful lack of knowledge about the war that he is supposed to be in charge of, estimated that 500 soldiers had been killed in Iraq.

The correct number is 722.

Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader, issued this statement:

"It is appalling that the Deputy Secretary of Defense does not know how many American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. His casually inaccurate estimate was disrespectful of those who have died, those who loved them, and those who continue to serve.

"Our country grieves for each brave man and woman we have lost, and prays for the thousands more who have been wounded. Officials in charge of Iraq policy have an obligation to know its personal costs.

"The fact that Secretary Wolfowitz, one of the chief advocates for the war, does not bother to keep track of how many of our men and women have given their lives in Iraq shows just how out of touch this Administration is.

"One year ago, the President declared 'Mission Accomplished' when the mission was nowhere near accomplished. The Bush Administration did not know what it was getting into in Iraq, and one year later, it is clear that it has no realistic plan to truly accomplish the mission."

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