Sunday, April 18, 2004

Cheney Got His Gun

Kerry talks about Iraq - while Cheney talks about GUNS.

"Playing to conservative voters, Cheney appeared in the election battlefield state of Pennsylvania to pledge the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign's support for gun ownership.

" 'John Kerry's approach to the Second Amendment has been to regulate, regulate and regulate some more,' Cheney said in a salvo aimed at the Democratic senator running against President Bush in the November election."

HORRORS! Kerry wants to regulate. Ashcroft has already regulated the FIRST Amendment out of existence, but that's not a problem - some guys "right" to military weaponry is a problem.

Says a lot about their respective priorities, doesn't it?

But don't you just LOVE the picture?

Cheney and two really stupid-looking guys - all staring with clear, undisguised LUST - at a frigging rifle.

For God's sake people, get yourselves a sex life.

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