Friday, April 09, 2004


The level of sheer incompetence displayed by the administration is now on display for all to see. And the Bushies are actually so clueless that they don't seem to understand that having power means that you are expected to do something.

Condi Rice treated us to THIS winner:

"The PDB does not say the United States is going to be attacked. It says Bin Laden would like to attack the United States."

And the sky isn't turquoise, it's azure.

Rice admitted that Clarke had told her that al-Qaida had "sleeper cells" inside the Untied States.

But, she added, "There was no recommendation that we do anything" about them.

Got that? She knew there were al Qaeda sleeper cells in the U.S., but she needed a recommendation to do anything.

Why did she need a recommendation to do something? She's the National Security Adviser. That means she's supposed to give advice about National Security.

So why couldn't she make recommendations herself? Isn't that her job?

The Bush administration refuses to admit any mistake.

And Condi refuses to take any responsibility.

It's the FBI's job. It was Clarke's job. It was Clinton's job. It was Ralph Kramden's job. Not HERS. Why would you expect HER to do anything? Just because she's in charge?

"[If] I needed to do anything," she said, "I would have been asked to do it. I was not asked to do it."

In other words, she knew we were in danger, and she was useless.

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