Friday, April 23, 2004

House of Bush, House of Cards

White House Says Iraq Sovereignty Could Be Limited

Published: April 23, 2004

WASHINGTON, April 22 — The Bush administration's plans for a new caretaker government in Iraq would place severe limits on its sovereignty, including only partial command over its armed forces and no authority to enact new laws, administration officials said Thursday. White House Says Iraq Sovereignty Could Be Limited

"Aw, Come on! We were only KIDDING about Sovereignty and Democracy! Whatsamatter? Cantcha take a JOKE?"

We aren't actually giving them Sovereignty. Any "sovereign" of theirs will be answerable to us, and only a fool could think otherwise.

In addition, we have decided to place back into power some of Hussein's high-ranking Ba'athists (no doubt, only the brutal dictators who are our kind of brutal dictators.)

AND we are trying to foist Chalabi on the Iraqis as their ruler: This guy has been wanted for bank fraud in Jordan for 20 years, and hasn't even lived in Iraq since 1958.

Coming Up Next: "Ladies and Gentleman of Iraq! Introducing: the NEW SADDAM! Film at 11."

Gee - I wonder why they hate us?

God, what a frigging disaster these morons have caused with their arrogance and stupidity.

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