Friday, March 07, 2008

Steve Colbert is out of mind

Interviewing Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's Labor Secretary:

Colbert: Are you endorsing Hillary Clinton?

Reich: No, I decided not to endorse this round.

Colbert: So, you're endorsing Barack Obama?

Reich: No, I'm not going to endorse anybody. [...]

Colbert: Okay, let me put it this way: if we were at a restaurant together and the waiter brought around the dessert cart, and the choice was ladyfingers or Black Forest cake, which way do you think you'd lean?

Reich: Quite seriously, either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would make a great president.

Colbert: Let me put this a different way. If I were a waiter and I were to offer you two different slices of pizza, and one was half-Hawaiian and you weren't entirely sure what it was going to taste like. And the other was plain with cheese and had been under a heat lamp for 35 years, I mean, it had seen everything. Which would you go for?

Reich: I don't think I'd be terribly excited about either of those slices.

Colbert: Which movie would you rent? 'Big Momma's House' or 'Medea's Family Reunion'? Be careful, they are both about strong women who are actually black men.

Reich: Um, gosh. I think I'd try both of them out."

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