Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The McCain-loving media

Here's NBC's political director Chuck Todd on McCain's showing total ignorance of the Middle East.

“Well, what’s odd about the, the stumble is that it — is it a stumble or was it, or was it that this talking point that he’d been, that he’d been using for actually a couple weeks or over a week, where he was talking about sort of almost blurring that the, the enemy of al-Qaeda and the enemy of the, the Shia-trained Iranians and sort of blurring them as one enemy. And the, the question is, did he just sort of — he truncated it to the point where he ended up misspeaking.

“The, the problem, of course, McCain has is that he can’t, you know, he doesn’t want to make it so that he, he forgot it for a minute. You know, he’s — because of the age issue, he can’t ever look like he’s having a senior moment. So instead, he’s better off going ahead and saying, you know, ‘OK, so he misspoke.’ Even if he gets dinged on the experience stuff, ‘Oh, he says he’s Mr. Experience. Doesn’t he know the difference between this stuff?’ He’s got enough of that in the bank, at least with the media, that he can get away with it.

“I mean, the irony to this is had either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama misspoke like that, it’d have been on a running loop, and it would become a, a big problem for a couple of days for them.”

Liberal media, my ass.

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