Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dow below 12000

Dow falls under 12,000 as job losses roil Wall St.

Bush may well windup the first President since Hoover to leave office with the market LOWER than when he started.

His ass-kissers will look at that, and look at the total disaster that is Iraq, look at the fact that while he was in office, New York got a new skyline, the Gulf got a new coastline, Minnesotans got a new view of the river, we LOST one of our oldest and most storied cities, we lost our allies, we lost our respect in the world, our good name, and our national soul. And they will still SWEAR that he's done a great job. While making excuses, excuses, excuses for ALL of his failures.

While the entire sane world recognizes that he may be the worst President ever.

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