Friday, February 22, 2008


From Think Progress:

Coburn: ‘I Think It Was Probably A Mistake Going To Iraq’

Gee whillikers, Mr. Coburn! A mistake? How could you POSSIBLY think it was a mistake? Why? Just because it failed to accomplish a single goal we claimed to have when we started it? You think that makes something a mistake?

We said there were WMDs. There were no WMDs.

We said they'd greet us as liberators. They didn't. We've lost 4000. And tens of thousands HORRIBLY wounded.

We said it would cost about a billion and a half dollars. It's going to be at least a trillion.

It didn't even get us more oil. It's caused oil prices to skyrocket.

It did not stop terrorism. It increased terrorism.

It took our attention away from where it belonged: Osama Bin Laden, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It increased Iranian influence and power.

It decreased American influence and power.

It has decimated our military.

Why on earth would you think all that means that it's a mistake?

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