Friday, February 08, 2008

How unusual: Congress debates

House Dems, GOP to launch debates this month

House Democrats and Republicans have agreed to begin a series of debates this month between members to focus attention on national issues facing the nation and show that Washington can rise above the partisan animosity.

“These debates will enable Republicans and Democrats to discuss our differences without being disagreeable, and our policy differences without being partisan,” said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. “I look forward to the battle of ideas, not insults.”

Dear Idiots In Congress:

One of the purposes of Congress is to debate "national issues facing the nation." (Nice redundancy, BTW.)

If debating the "national issues facing the nation" seems novel to you, it's because you don't do that anymore. During discussion, none of you are actually there, or you're talking to the cameras instead of each other.

You're looking for an opportunity to challenge one another over "national issues facing the nation"? How about doing that IN CONGRESS where you are SUPPOSED TO?

If you want to make it REALLY, REALLY clear that you aren't doing your jobs, one way to do that is to form a debating society because IT'S A NOVELTY TO DISCUSS THINGS rather than ACTUALLY DEBATING in the venue where you are SUPPOSED to debate and where the outcome actually MATTERS.

What worthless morons.

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