Wednesday, January 16, 2008


As an example of the press deciding who they want to win, and writing the story they want to write, here's the front screen of AOL:

"Michigan's Other Winner."

Giuliani's "strategy" came from the fact that he was tanking in New Hampshire - the more they saw of him, the less they liked him. It wasn't some "strategy" - he basically had no choice. He WAS campaigning in NH. He was forced to stop because it wasn't working.

And in Michigan, he got 3% of the vote.

He came in sixth - only beating "Uncommitted" and somebody named "Hunter" whom no one ever heard of. He came in behind EVERYBODY.

He got 24,700 votes in the entire State of Michigan.

And he's "Michigan's Other Winner."

Obviously, they are determined to spin ALL news as "good" for Rudy.

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