Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama and Huckabee

Ok - so Chris Dodd didn't win the Democratic primary. But the Republican primary was won by Some Nutjob, so that makes me 1 for 2.

Edwards came in third, which disappointed me. I thought he might pull it out in the last few days.

None of it is really a surprise. Unfortunately, I think Obama is the weakest national candidate - not because he's black, but because he's green - and he has really turned me off with his hard rightward veer in the closing days of the campaign.

Huckabee, of course, is a thoroughly insane clown, who (I hope) has no chance in a national election. I'm not all upset about it, because the Republican voters had no one BUT thoroughly insane clowns, and chose the one who speaks well. But the Beltway Villagers really hate Huckabee's guts - yes, he's repulsive, but he's not their sort of repulsive. I do expect them to jump all over him like rats on Willard's evil boss.

On to New Hampshire, and may the least repulsive win.

UPDATE: Edwards appears to have come in second, not third. The Mighty Hillary is third.

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