Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Hillary attacks backfire.

Ok, so Hillary won New Hampshire. What kind of surprise is that, eh? Comeback Kid II, the Sequel.

But I don't think it was because she cried. I think it was because of the reaction to her crying. I mean, all these maniacs jumped all over her like a pack of rabid dogs. And why? Because she teared up for a quarter of a second. HORRORS.

The pompous windbags instantly declared it her "Dean Scream Moment." "It proves that she can't handle pressure!" they yelled. How could she ever recover from the sheer shame and horror of getting a little choked up? She can't cry - even a LITTLE - it shows that she's just a silly woman.

Well, when I saw the clip of Hillary "crying" (which was actually just choking up a bit), for one thing I was amazed as how minor it was, considering all the noise; and for another, I thought she actually looked GOOD, not bad. But she was characterized by the right-wing as "bawling," "weeping," "blubbering"; "Hillary goes boo-hoo!"; "Stick a fork in her!" And anybody watching it with their own eyes could see that that was crap. A thoroughly insane over-reaction.

I think all that nonsense really pissed a lot of people off. The undercurrent of misogyny was blatant and disgusting. The punditry were jumping all over themselves, demonstrating their biases blatantly, and telling us how we were to react and what we were to think.

And the unspoken assumption was that the voters were all a pack of morons.

I think the excessive levels of attack backfired badly, and drove people to the polls. Independent voters got angry and gave the right-wing haters two fingers.

The Hillary haters tried to raise the roof of phony indignation for the umpteenth time - and people are just sick of it.

If any right-wingers actually read this blog, I have a question: have you ever considered NOT acting like a bunch of jerks? I mean, just once?

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