Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why I hate the press

Number 439 in a series.

As you have no doubt heard, Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, quit the GOP and is now an independent. This has fueled massive speculation that he may run for President.

But what does BLOOMBERG say about running for President?

"I am not a candidate."

"I have said that my intention is to be mayor for the next 925 days ... and that is my intention. I've got the greatest job in the world and I'm going to keep doing it."

When told that they had already conducted a poll showing him third behind Hillary and Giuliani, he said, "I think they're wasting their time."

When asked if there was ANY CIRCUMSTANCE under which he might run for President, he said, "If everybody in the world was dead and I was the only one alive."

So the geniuses in the press corps say he's being just being cagey.

"See? He said 'intention'! Watch that word:'intention.' That leaves the door open! He said he has no INTENTION! He didn't say he WOULDN'T!"

They are actually repeating that codswallop.

Sheesh. How clear does he have to be?

The media try to create their own reality - the reality that will generate the highest ratings. They have a script, and they see their job as repeating the script instead of reporting the news. If Bloomberg ran, they could spill TONS of ink about it, so they are projecting their own ratings-driven wishes onto the rest of us.

And watch: when Bloomberg doesn't run, they'll accuse him of playing games with them by pretending he was going to.

How this for an explanation? Bloomberg left the GOP because he only joined the party to run for mayor in the first place. And now he's leaving because he doesn't need them, and they are a pack of ideologues, war-mongers and freaks, and he doesn't want to be associated with such people. And he has better and more pleasant things to do with his time than attend those stupid, boring political dinners and hang out with Guy Molinari.

Ya think?

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