Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The lawless President

You know, I have heard the apologia that Bush's signing statements were no big deal, because they just constituted free speech, and he didn't actually DO anything.

Well, yes he did.

US agencies disobey 6 laws that president challenged

WASHINGTON -- Federal officials have disobeyed at least six new laws that President Bush challenged in his signing statements, a government study disclosed yesterday. The report provides the first evidence that the government may have acted on claims by Bush that he can set aside laws under his executive powers.

Isn't it time for Congress to stop shrugging its collective shoulders and issue formal impeachment proceedings? With this, the destroyed emails and and Bush admitting to ignoring FISA, there is no doubt that it is warranted.


RSDaniel said...


I always wanted to live in a banana republic. . . or should I say an oil republic.

Iggy said...

How about a republic of banana oil?

Nice to see you here.